Selfie from the 101 in Perry, iowa from 2014. Feeling and looking weathered. the last 101 miles of the 2014 Dirty Millennium.


I'm a 40 something guy living in Minneapolis and I like to ride my bike for long distances on dirt & gravel and for shorter distances on the pavement around town.

I've always been a bike rider, mostly around town as an alternative to my car and the occasional recreational Sunday ride. But in 2008 my good friend convinced me to race in the Chequamegon 40 in Hayward, WI - and I've been hooked on riding on dirt & gravel ever since. 

I started this web site in 2014 when that same friend and I decided to compete in 1000 miles of gravel and mountain bike races in a single calendar year, forever known as a Dirty Millennium. The original web site name was - which is very sticky, but isn't broad enough to also capture records of miscellaneous bike-packing trips and observations from riding around town. So, inspired by Neil Diamond, was born sometime in 2016.

My real name is David Peterson, but friends call me Norm.

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