Dickie Scramble 2015 - Elgin, MN

Turns out the race was 82 miles, not 75

Somehow I got it in my head that the 2015 Dickie Scramble was only a 75 mile event. Which sounded great to me, I'm not in good shape and 75 miles seemed pretty doable. But at around mile 70 it became clear from looking at the map on my GPS that I was not going to be done after 75 miles. That was totally my bad, I just didn't look that closely at the map or at the cue sheets. So those last 7 miles were kind of tough on my brain, but probably good for my legs.

Familiar gravel scenes spotted with some muddy double-track.

Fun climb in some muddy dirt. I like the off-road stuff the best.

I'm getting slower

Turns out I was demonstrably faster last year. Which kind of sucks because I thought I rode pretty well today. Maybe the elevation & wind was a bigger factor than I realized, but it just didn't seem that much different than last year - in fact I thought it was even windier in 2014.

I don't understand how I am going to survive the Kanza this year - I need to ride a lot in the next few weeks.

Highlight of the day

Me & Dickie - event namesake and founder's best friend.