Looking ahead to 2016

Despite our first real snowfall of the year this week, it feels like spring is just around the corner. The City of Lakes Loppet this weekend, the Birkie a few weeks later, pitchers and catchers report to camp - then boom! the LML, Dickie, Almanzo, Kanza & 99er come in quick succession.

Last year was kind of a down year for riding, running and skiing. The Kanza was a clear highlight, but the other few races I did ride were not great experiences for me and I skipped quite a few.

I'm hoping 2016 is a bit brighter. I'm planning to race the Maah Daah Hey 100 again, but skip the Tatanka and the Cheq 40 (I forgot to sign up!). We're planning a fall trip to the San Juans for a 7 day pilgrimage from Durango to Moab and I'm threatening myself with a White Rim 1 day ride at the end. I'd love to run another marathon too, its been a few years. Maybe even in the spring to help with my Kanza training.

Ride the bull - 2015

I never did post any recap of the 2015 Tatanka. Bottom line, the race was too technical for me. Living in MN I just don't get to ride those kinds of rocks. It was a beast. A great big beast. Below are some pics, but they don't really convey the difficulty of the ride.

Pre-race dinner in Sturgis

Gathering at the start

At the start - not really ready for what was to come

with some great flowy single-track

Most water crossings had to be waded through & some had guide ropes to help keep us upright.

only a few of the water crossings had bridges

Rocky & Steep

Selfie on a climb with a nice "canyon" on the right. Somewhere near mile 65?

Selfie on a climb with a nice "canyon" on the right. Somewhere near mile 65?