MDH 100 - 2016

TR sends us off - Bully!

I rode the Maah Daah Hey 100 this year. And it was incredible, again.

I spent Friday night in Watford City, found someone to shuttle my car to the finish in Medora (thanks!). Drove to Dickinson after the race for the night before driving home on Sunday.

Hotter than expected. Garmin says 107. That is likely high, but an idea of intensity of the sun. SPF sleeves were life savers.

Bike & gear: Salsa Spearfish, water bottle in cage, bottle in feed bag, bottle in camelback, 100 oz camelback, gas tank w/ battery & misc, small seat bag with tools & tube, misc food stuffed everywhere. Perpetuum again - still didn't eat enough of it. Next time - leave the camelback at home, carry two bottles on bike & 1 or 2 in jersey. 

Rode easy for 1st 25 miles. Pushed harder than I should have for 25-50, but was having too much fun not to. 50-78 was better than first time, but still a long haul w/ lots of climbs. 78 - 106 was tough, out of energy. Could have been a much faster stretch if I felt better.

Didn't linger at any of the aid stations. Still had an hour "at rest" as per my Garmin.