Powderhorn 24 - 2017

Who wouldn't want to ride their bike for 24 hours straight? It's a weird thing, but riding all night like this is really fun. This year was another blast.

Unfortunately for me I had a mechanical on my 3rd lap. Mechanical isn't quite the right term. That implies some kind of malfunction. I simply bashed by rear wheel into the curb and crushed my rim. So I had to Uber home for a different bike. And I made the wrong choice. I rode back to the greenway on my single speed commuter. Fine for 7 miles at a time, not great for 100+. It was like riding a jack hammer.

Finally at about 3am I rode home & changed bikes again. This time I grabbed a full suspension mountain bike. So with 15 hours of riding left I had a heavy (but soft) nobby tired mountain bike to ride laps around the streets of South Minneapolis. 


Somehow I rode all night w/o seeing Brent. I'm not sure how that was possible; in fact I was sure that he had left the course and gone home. But no, at about a 9am we finally saw each other again.


And just like last year my Garmin stopped again, this time at about mile 150. I don't know what the deal is, maybe the laps confuse it. But it may just be time for a new Garmin. 


So I ended up riding around 175 miles again - pretty much the same as last year. Maybe if it was on a different weekend I might have pushed a bit more. But on this weekend, just days after getting home from Colorado and only a week after Leadville, I just wasn't up for too much of a push. Brent of course went over the 200 mile mark - awesome. 

See you again next year!