Event Tracking

2014 Calendar of events

DateEventEvent MilesTotal YTD
March 29Lakeville - Milltown - Lakeville8080
April 19Mammoth Gravel Classic00
April 26Dickie Scramble80160
May 17Almanzo100260
May 31Dirty Kanza200460
June 28Lutsen 99er99559
July 26Dirty Lemming100659
August 2Maah Daah Hey100759
August 16Gravel Worlds00
September 6Inspiration 100100859
September 13Cheq 4040899
Sept 20Skull & Bones1000
Oct 11The 1011011,000
2014 Total1,000

4-19: 2nd year in a row the Mammoth had to be cancelled due to snow - at least the gravel portions. Major bummer. Try again next year.