San Juan Huts

We've ridden over the Rockies and into the Utah desert three times with San Juan Huts, twice from Durango and once from Telluride. 

2012 - Durango to Moab

Our inaugural ride in 2012 took us by surprise. We weren't prepared for the challenge of our day 1 ride on the Colorado Trail from Molas Lake to Bolam Pass and spent most of the week trying not to get lost.

2016 - Durango to Moab (round 2)

In 2016 we decided to take another run at the Durango to Moab route; it was every bit as hard as in 2012, but this time we were ready for it.

2014 - Telluride to Moab

The 2014 ride from Telluride was another matter, fully outrigged with GPS and better prepared both mentally and physically, we made our way to Moab without incident.

SJH 2014 - Day by day recap

I wrote a blog post for each day of our 2014 trip. Click here to see a day by day recap of our 2014 ride from Telluride.

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