Lutsen 99er

I don't have any pics yet, but take my word for it, the 99er was another mudfest. Though not as bad as years past, still muddy. I think Brent and I both went into the 99er a little overconfident. Having survived the Kanza and being only 6 days removed from an 8 day mountain bike trip out West the general feeling was that the extra red-blood cells would easily lift us through a mere 99 miles. We were wrong. The 99er is a hard race and it really beat me up - again. This year's finish came quick, which was nice, but I did kind of miss that .5 mile slog straight up the mountain from years past.

To top off race day we headed to Duluth for the Bayfront festival and took in a awesome Trampled by Turtles show. If you are a fan of TbyT then you probably have already heard about the show, and if you were one of the people who decided not to wait out the lightning ... then I'm sorry, you missed something special.