San Juan Huts 2014 - Day 2

Last Dollar to Spring Creek | 27.0 miles | 10,980 ft to 9,200 ft

Day 2 was a nice ride. Started with a short hike down the opposite side of Last Dollar Hut from where we climbed the day before and led to a pretty easy day on gravel roads. The first 15 miles or so were especially pretty and fun; gentle downhill ride with the San Juan mountains close to our back.

We arrived at Spring Creek Hut early in the afternoon, took a snooze, fiddled with our bikes and went for a little hike - hoping against all reason to stumble upon a bar. Having so much time on our hands and several cases of beer in the hut led to the inevitable. Our new drinking game, called Drink Koresh, was truly inspired and required the invention of a sophisticated vocabulary to describe the various drinking events, including: can of contact, can of intention, can of intent and can of consequence.