San Juan Huts 2014 - Day 3

Spring Creek to Columbine | 34 miles | 9,200' to 9,205'

We found some great alternate routes on our 3rd day. The first alternate was only about 3 or 4 miles in & was a blast. Fun, rolling double-track with great views and a few chances to push the pace. The second alternate was a mix. The first several miles were mostly descending single-track, with some of the first few stretches of technical riding for the week. After about an hour or two the track started heading back up. Eventually the trail headed straight up. We probably had an hour or more of pure hike a bike. Brutal. Once we finally got back to the road we had a pretty easy 20 miles or so to the Columbine hut. We passed on a few other chances for alternate routes - the hike a bike just took too much out of us. The most exciting part of the second half was the separation of Sean's crank from his bike.