San Juan Huts 2014 - Day 4

Columbine Hut to Graham Ranch | 36.4 miles | 9,205 ft to 8,300 ft

After a great day 3 which included quite a lot of HAB (hike-a-bike) we stuck to the main route on day 4 and got to Graham Ranch early. Early enough to grab a beer, eat a bit and head back out for some extra riding. The evening ride was one of the better rides of the week. We had to backtrack about 3 or 4 miles, but then headed out into the bush for a great 5-7 miles of single-track. The trail included some rocky drops, sandy banked turns and fun technical climbs. I wish I brought my camera for this extra ride, but part of the fun was to leave all our bags back at the hut and ride un-burdened (except for a few beers of course). We still got back to the hut before dark and just in time for dinner (one rider from our group decided to skip the extra ride).