It's been a long cold winter

Looks like I never even posted a recap from the 2018 Leadville MTB race. Suffice to say I had a rough day. For whatever reason I just never had the strength & by the time I hit the Columbine climb I was already toast. I had my demons to keep me company for the last 60 miles and I fell woefully short of my 9 hour goal.

But that is life. I’ve done 30 or 40 endurance events like this and every once in a while you just have a bad day. This day felt like my first marathon in 2003, only about 6 hours longer.

As sometimes happens, the bad day turned into several bad months. The truth is that I’ve pretty well fallen off my training since Leadville and haven’t done sh*t since, other than drink beer & eat cheese. Now that March is finally here and with spring rumored to be coming next I am really hoping to get back on the horse again.

Wish me well.